The Science of Self Tanning

Self tans are fabulous. In our modern age, we can avoid the harmful effects of the sun on our skin, but still enjoy a beautiful bronzed glow, all year round! What’s even better is the interesting science behind the sunless tan. Come with us as we delve into the microscopic world of the beautiful interactions between our elite ingredients and your skin.


The basic interaction that produces a self tanning glow happens when a simple sugar by-product, found in all our cells as an intermediary of the metabolism of glucose, Dihydroxyacetone, meets a structural protein on the surface of our skin. Under body temperature conditions, these two get acquainted, and following a complex series of steps, form stable brown yellow and red colored compounds termed Melanoidins, that look like the natural melanin our skin produces when it tans. These compounds essentially adhere to the layer of dead keratinizes skin that protects from the environment, and so gently slough off with them as they naturally do. That is why a self tan fades, and why bathing or exfoliation will speed up the process. There is some research that suggests a self tan provides a very small protection from the sun, but we know for sure that it helps provide a sense of well-being, confidence and luxury to the user.​

​Favorable Conditions

There are certain factors that make the difference between a beautiful self tan and a less than perfect outcome. Under slightly acidic conditions, the sunless reaction products tends to be more red/brown than red/yellow, and so create a more realistic color. The natural pH of the skin is also slightly more acidic. That is why our products have such beautiful results and are so skin friendly, they are formulated to match the pH of the skin they are used on.


Each DeLucca Soleil self tanning product is a skin treatment, loaded with botanical anti-aging, firming and hydrating extracts with long histories of demonstrated skin care benefits. Each product contains efficacious concentrations of stable extracts of White Tea, Chaparral Cactus, Cucumber, Licorice and Vitamin C. This combination of powerful antioxidants has the combined effects of soothing and calming skin, while providing reparative support to the skin’s natural healing processes and also inhibiting excess melanin production, formation of redness and unevenness. You will find your skin calmer, more even and with more tone and elasticity with continued use. As an addition to your regular skin regimen, a DeLucca tan truly is the healthiest tan you can have!​