Self Tan Application How-To

When applying DeLucca self tanning products, remember that the experience is particularly designed for you. This is your moment of luxury and indulgence, revel in the beautiful sensations of texture and scent. This is the bronzing skin care routine that you deserve.

Please enjoy these extra tips for a perfectly even, all year round golden glow.


Before applying the self tanning products, the skin should be gently exfoliated, rinsed and dry. Check for any areas of dry, rough or uneven skin before applying the product. These areas tend to absord more of the active ingredients, and can result in an uneven color outcome. A light layer of moisturizer to any areas of concern will help avoid any unevenness.​


Begin with an almond sized amount of product, dispensed into the hand. Apply first to the face and neck, gently massaging into and around the hairline, and then downwards to the face, around the jawline and blending into the neck and decollette. Use the integrated color guide to see where you have applied product, and to touch up any spots that may have been missed. Pay particular attention to the area below the chin and the throat, which tends to be looked over during application.

Following facial application, a lightly moistened cotton pad may be used to gently buff around the hairline, particularly for lighter hair colors, and along the arch of the brow, to remove excess product.

For the legs, avoid using self tanning products on skin for 24 hours after hair removal procedures, to reduce the risk of irritation. To prepare, apply a light layer of moisturizer to the knees, ankles and all over the tops of the feet and toes. Starting with a layer of product slightly heavier than a regular application of moisturizing lotion, sweep the product all over the legs in a gentle, circular motion. Apply less to the knees, ankles and feet. A moistened cotton pad may be swept along the knees, ankles, sides of the feet and toenails to soften the absorption of sunless product, and even the result. Allow the product to dry completely before dressing and contact with fabrics.

To apply to the back and body, using the palms and a generous layer of product, apply as a heavier lotion application to all areas of skin to be bronzed. Pay particular attention to any areas of skin contact such as under the arms, beneath the breasts and around the waistline. Buff these areas gently with the palms once product is applied to even and soften the application.

It is recommended to apply DeLucca products to the arms as the last step of a the self tanning regimen. Apply a generous layer of product to both arms from the wrist to the shoulder with the palms of the hands, in circular buffing motions, while blending particularly into the decollette and the upper shoulders and neck. Wash the hands with soap and water, being careful not to splash areas where product has just been applied. Apply a light layer of moisturizer to the hands and palms, and dispensing a small amount of product onto the back of the hand, rub the hands together, to spread the product onto the backs of the hands, fingers and wrists. Go over the wrists, sides of hands, nails, palms and elbows with a moistened cotton pad to blend and soften the tan result, for an even outcome.​


The DeLucca self tan bronze effect will last between 5 and 7 days, sloughing off naturally with the skin’s own renewal process. It is recommended to reapply every 2-3 days to maintain an even color. The gradual sunless tanning gel may be used daily, with less frequent need for exfoliation and as a touch up in between applications of the sunless crème.

DeLucca recommends keeping your skin hydrated to extend the life and quality of the bronze effect. It is also essential to keep your skin protected from the sun during daylight hours, with a broad spectrum protectant product with an SPF rating of 15 or higher. We also recommend layering products with included sun protection, such as foundation and powder during your normal makeup routine, on top of a base layer of SPF 15 +. This will help to provide added protection to your skin throughout the day, and harmonize with the skin-nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients in our products.

Showering and bathing excessively will cause your tan to fade more quickly, and should be avoided if possible. A light layer of gradual self tanning gel can be applied post-bath to extend the color and improve skin tone.​