Beauty Benefits of Soleil Ingredients

White Tea

The Camellia Sinensis leaf contains powerful anti-inflammatory Catechins that are the subject of much research for their antioxidant and cell protectant properties. White tea is harvested from the delicate, unopened leaf buds that contain the highest concentrations of antioxidants produced by the tea plant in its lifetime. Natural molecules produced by plants, such as these, often serve to protect the delicate leaves and blooms from environmental stressors and ultraviolet radiation, but also have been found to double as biochemical reparative agents when applied to skin. That’s why we include them in our products. Beautiful!​


Licorice root is used in regenerative treatments for mouth and skin ulcers, and is known to gently treat hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the formation of melanin. Licorice extract functions to support the skin’s own integrity and repair mechanisms while functioning as an anti-irritant agent. You will notice brown spots and hyperpigmented scars fade with use of each of our products.​

Chaparral Cactus​

Derived from the immortal cactus of the southwestern united states, this Cactus survives thousands of years in some of the Earth’s harshest conditions. It does so by its own miraculous physiological mechanisms of resilience and repair. DeLucca products contain efficacious concentrations of extracts from this incredibly hardy plant to protect and regenerate your skin.​


Allantoin derived from Comfrey is an age old remedy for skin irritation. In the modern age, it has been shown to increase the microscopic water content of the extracellular matrix, and promote the gentle turnover of dead skin cells, revealing fresher, plumper skin.​

Vitamin C​

One of the most powerful antioxidants required by all cells to counteract damaging free radicals and reactive oxygen species. We are unable to produce our own Vitamin C, and require it as part of our daily diet. The addition of this wonder-vitamin to DeLucca products adds another powerhouse “kick” to the reparative and supportive delivery of beautifying and age-defying skincare ingredients of our formulations.​

Oil Free​

Some oils and thicker ingredients can be problematic for skin prone to acne and comedones. All of our products are truly Oil Free, and contain no additives commonly recognized to cause breakouts.​

Alpha Hydroxy Acids​

Fruit derived AHAs are shown to improve skin tone, hydration, evenness in color and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Our Professional Exfoliating Solution uses these amazing compounds to pre-treat skin for the Bronzing treatment in the spa or salon, making preparatory exfoliation unnecessary. The AHAs gently lower the pH of the skin, and promote an even more golden-bronze, ultra-realistic sunless tan while gently revealing beautiful fresh skin.​


Cucumber extract is a wonderfully soothing ant-irritant agent that has a long history of use in folk medicine. Its gentle hydrating and calming properties make it an ideal compliment to soothe skin as it is gently exfoliated with the Professional Exfoliating Solution.​