A beautiful, healthy glow provides a sense of well-being, confidence and luxury. At DeLucca, we formulate each of our products to the highest standard, through well-researched and supported scientific data. We use only the most gentle and effective soothing botanicals to achieve a beautiful bronze glow. Our products will deliver soothed, hydrated, firmer, and younger-looking skin, every time.

Self Tanning Crème

An indulgent, ultra rich creme for the face and body:

  • Powerful all-over skin bronzing treatment
  • Contains efficacious concentrations of organic extracts of delicate white tea buds, soothing comfrey, regenerating and protectant licorice root, cell energizing vitamin C and immortal chaparral cactus for antioxidant repair
  • Perfectly even, self adjusting golden bronze tan for all skin types

Self Tanning Gel

A light, hydrating, water-based gel for the face and body:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ultra light treatment glides on the skin, providing soothing hydration and a light bronze glow
  • Buildable to a deeper color with daily use
  • Use all year round for a foolproof bronzed look

Professional Bronzing Mist

A bronzing treatment, meticulously designed for the discerning skin care professional:

  • Powerful all-over skin bronzing treatment
  • Revolutionary spa-product experience
  • Suitable for use with all airbrush and HVLP systems
  • Alcohol and irritant-free, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Available in 32/64 oz, Light/Medium or Medium/Dark

Professional Exfoliating Solution

Hypoallergenic exfoliating treatment for the skin care professional:

  • Synergistic product for the Professional Bronzing Mist
  • Based on fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids and soothing botanicals
  • Prepares and perfects the superficial layers of the skin for application of the bronzing treatment

Exciting times are coming for DeLucca!  We are enhancing our product line and looking forward to their launch. We are not selling our current products through the web site, but if you do have an inquiry on a particular product, please contact us.

What Sets Us Apart

DeLucca is founded in real, current skincare research for the gentlest and most effective products for your skin. Whether you are sensitive, prone to breakouts, concerned about changes to your skin that come with time, or just want an indulgent and beautiful experience from your skincare regimen-look no further, you've found it here.

We are a small batch, boutique skincare company, and take pride in the quality of our highest grade ingredients, organic botanicals and powerful active extracts. Gentleness, efficacy and luxury come together in DeLucca products with no compromises.

How We Compare

With DeLucca, your time of perfect beauty begins today. Our products were created to combine the ultimate luxury experience with results that you deserve. Elegant textures, deep hydrating ingredients, soothing and regenerating botanicals- enter a world of incredible skincare that has no parallel.

We invite you into our world to learn and experience the skincare products of your dreams.

Experience The Elite Spa Experience At Home

Our products are meant for you, and your own moment of indulgence in the spa, at home, and away.

Beauty Comes To Life In Our Products

Our promise is that DeLucca Products deliver measureable, beautiful skin care results through luxurious textures, indulgent scents and powerful active ingredients.

The Science And The Chemistry

At DeLucca, we formulate each of our products to the highest standard, through well-researched and supported scientific data.